New Beginning

Hello, and welcome to my new blog!

I have now completed my yearlong traineeship as a biology curator at The Manchester Museum, which you can read all about here. I am now embarking on the first year of my AMA qualification. This means I will be pursuing my professional development, whether it is in paid work or not.

Currently, what I’m expanding upon is my strength in Neotropical Biology and Ecology and now I can continue to use and strengthen these skills and become a valuable asset to a museum that may lack this knowledge. I do of course, want to to learn about other aspects of Biology and Ecology, but since this is a strength of mine, both my mentor and I have agreed it would be good to continue to study this. This means strengthening my identification and taxonomic skills in this field, using them in a collections environment so that I can become more proficient at helping scientists, researchers and visitors and going on courses that can teach me such things.

Other things I’m excited about pursuing are learning how to preserve spirit collections and working on exhibitions- Unfortunately neither of these were things I had the opportunity to explore during my traineeship.

This blog will serve as a record of some of the things I embark on in the next two years. So, hope you enjoy reading that’s to come!

5 responses to “New Beginning

  1. You are pretty much living the dream, aren’t you!?

    Really looking forward to the next chapter in your professional development – your emphasis on field work suggests you’re basically turning into the biology version of Indiana Jones, right?

    • Hi Andrew!

      Hee- in order to become the Biology version of Indiana Jones I would have to travel more. I was in Belize last year and did some fieldwork but would love to go again! It’s the first time I’ve been back in ten years.

      A colleague of mine just got back from Costa Rica *jealous*.

      Hope all is well with you!


      • Hi Gina!

        Well good luck with fitting in more travel. You can find frogs, point at them and shout “It belongs in a museum!” in a gruff voice. And hijack Nazi tanks. Once you’re firmly established as the biology Indiana Jones, I want to apply to be your Marcus Brody. Or Sallah.

        All is well with me – I just finished the best play I’ll ever act in, and have written about an eighth of a conference report for the day job, which comes out in a few weeks. Would be good to catch up next time you’re down here!

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